Now more than ever, the beauty experience begins and ends on a cell phone. When you first open up the app, you are prompted to take selfies, a practice most beauty lovers are familiar with. but you may feel discouraged once you find out your skin health isn’t well, this should not worry you at all since many apps have been developed to ensure your skin is well taken care of. the app will just analyze your selfie sent to them and then give you the results and what your skin requires, let’s see some of the skin care apps available on both the play store and app store.

  • Neutrogena updated the skin 360 app

At next week’s Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) in Las Vegas, the Neutrogena Skin360 app is a useful tool in skin care it only requires the camera on your phone to get a deep, in-depth assessment of your skin. the app only needs your front-facing camera to work.
With the help of Perfect Corp’s YouCam technology, the camera takes images from the front and both sides within seconds. Then the images are analyzed using Neutrogena’s database of 10,000 other selfies from a range of age groups and ethnicities. The Skin360 app then gives you a score between one and 10 in five areas — dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and smoothness — plus an overall average

Sets this app has a special feature of a Neutrogena AI Assistant. NAIA is like a skin therapist that helps you set goals for yourself. The assistant asks you about habits that might affect your skin, like your stress levels, sleep patterns, and exercise routines. Then, the app creates an eight-week skin-care regimen for you based on your personality type While the recommendations are all from Neutrogena, you can input any other skin-care products you’re already using and track the efficacy of your routine over time.
NAIA isn’t just a helper for the start-up process. The assistant checks in regularly to make sure you’re taking weekly progress photos and sticking to your skin-care routine. So that more data is tracked, NAIA will use machine learning to improve analysis and recommendations, getting more precise and intelligence


It is an artificially driven skincare app that detects skin problems through image recognition techniques. Once you have your selfie or photo. It is analyzed through advanced instant skin check technology which is written by a dermatologist for providing the proper treatment. The app includes diagnoses for a problem such as dandruff, dark spots, fungal infections, hair fall, pimple treatment, and many more skin problems. After downloading you take a photo the algorithm analyses the skin problem the app chat box can ask you questions depending on the input, and the artificial intelligence of the app recommends a program of skincare to solve the issue.


Designed to solve consumers looking information of skin health information. The app utilizes a GPS tracking system, the app can show the UV index in real time to fight against the dangers of UV radiation and find the nearest dermatologist. using this app you can know when to apply sunscreen and when not.


The Eczema Tracker app is a simple and informative app that helps you view, track, and analyze your eczema, food allergy, and other triggers. The eczema tracker app provides your local pollen, mold, weather, and humidity information to help you analyze your eczema or allergy symptoms, and track your triggers to help you identify patterns in your flare-ups. It uses the data you enter to find eczema trends that may lead to flare-ups. The Eczema Tracker app gives you information based on your particular situation. You can use Eczema Wizard to get advice and information that helps you manage your eczema symptoms.
The Monthly Summary Report is your personalized analysis delivered via email. You should enter data daily to get the most accurate assessment of your symptoms. the take data is then, analyzed to find trends and provides a concise picture of your eczema, including potential triggers, and optimal medicine usage.


Have you wondered if your skin is aging fast worry no more because with a click on your smartphone you can download this RYNKL app will help you analyze your skin condition using artificial intelligence? The app helps you to keep a log and track the wrinkleless in the vital areas of the face. It evaluates the beneficial effects of multiple treatments and also helps you to compare your looks with the people of your age group in general.


One way to keep your health is by drinking water. When you are dehydrated it shows on your skin in form of fine lines, dark circles, and also a dull complexion .there are many water reminders app such as
iHydrate app
this app helps you to track your water intake. It calculates a personalized water intake goal for you based on your individual information, lifestyle, and exercise choices. With iHydrate you can achieve your goals to keep your skin healthy. the app provides reminders of when to drink water, calculates your personalized water intake goal, and tracks your drinks consumed to ensure you meet your goal of having a healthy skin

Using your cellphone, the skin care app will help you have healthy and glowing skin. Always ensure you follow the instruction of the developer of the app and be keen to read the disclaimer noted in the information about the app. Read the people’s reviews it can be a great source of information before you try out the app. However, you got no excuse for neglecting your skin and the help is in your smartphone.



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