Business web apps give a better user experience with responsive design, it’s a lot easier and cheaper to make a web app use in your business and have flexible access and employees can work from anywhere with internet access. Ways your business can benefit by using a business app. They provide more value to your customers. Business is all about reciprocation. You offer a product, and the market opens their wallets with their demand and builds a stronger brand this is enhanced by creating good graphics that act as an advertisement. The business app makes connects better customers with the business owner. Having put together useful business apps and utilizing them wisely will reflect maximum profits in the business.

Expensify app
This app is used by small business owners to track expenses, this app allows users to drag and drop extract text, line items, and images from receipts into expensive reports. The extensity is ideal for small businesses it allows them to run easily at a low-cost expense and tracking system. It’s easy to learn Expensify, and the layout and navigation are easy to follow. you can set reminders for yourself to submit reports daily, weekly, or monthly and you can scan receipts on your phone or take pictures and attach them.

Canva app
This is an app that assists businesses in graphics design. It contains a full template and fills in the information you intend to communicate. It has free options. You can use canvas to create an invitation card, business card poster, banner, and many more posters. The best thing with canvas you can produce social media content quickly with more ease. you can use it on the cloud. No need for downloading software. canvas can create content for different social media platforms. For example, you could create posts just fit for Instagram in square format.

Skype app
This an essential app for communicating that can help make communication following within the business. This is a good application that an organization can utilize to hold a meeting without having to meet face to face this helps in saving both time and money. It allows easy sharing of documents between the staff

Slack app
This productivity app makes instant messaging work-friendly. This app is important because it enhances team communication, and sharing files with team members, this cloud-based collaboration service brings a wealth of opportunities for small businesses. To make the most out of slack, your business should be aware of the many apps and add-ons available for slack to ensure your teams stay coordinated, happy, and able to work faster.

This app allows you to track time on any device, streamline payroll and invoicing, manage time-off requests and receive real-time reports. In particular, Tsheets work well for businesses that have workers who travel to different locations. It gives these mobile employees a way to clock in and out while in the field. A few advanced features (such as geofencing and facial recognition) give employers the guarantee that employees are honest with their time tracking.

Sos inventory
It is an app designed to make inventory tracking, order management, and manufacturing easier. It integrates both quick books and showily and can be on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

This is an app that can create a customized customer loyalty program. The points program you can design based on what customer’s referrals. With belly, collect customer information after their first visit to keep them engaged and coming back. Send email marketing and mobile campaigns, without lifting a finger. Grow your social channels and acquire new customers too.

This app allows you to track and manage customers’ profiles across departments, develop personalized marketing plans, respond to customer issues, and more.
There are many business options that are useful to businesses and are useful for optimizing the day process. Since most of these apps are free there is no harm in downloading them and trying them out and deciding what is right for the business.

Linkedin app
Here are four advantages: get connected: like any social site, LinkedIn is about networking, but because it is a site that’s focused on professionals and businesses, your company can network effectively with prospective client organizations. Linkedin has a decent search feature that can help you find people in your

In conclusion, All the apps discussed are very useful but you should ensure that you are careful before using the apps and ensure you read the terms and conditions as provided by the programmers. And I wish you all the best as you incorporate technology into your business



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