There are many opportunities in the beauty industry that one can start as a business or a side hustle to make money. If you are thinking about this line you must choose wisely the best idea. below are some of the ideas you can consider.

Beauty shop
The cosmetics industry holds a major share in the fashion and beauty industry. And you can start a cosmetics retailing business in several ways. You can sell from a brick-and-mortar store. Also, you can consider selling from online marketplaces. Even, you can start cosmetics retailing from your website and blog.

Hair Accessories Making
If you want to start a small-scale manufacturing business from home, you can consider this business. With a single and simple machine, you can produce a lot of hair accessories at home. Additionally, the raw materials are also available widely. The business demands a very small investment. You can also employ local women especially when you use locally available raw materials

Hair Removal Service

This is a business you can start in the beauty industry it involves the removal of hair be it eyebrows, armpits, and also hair in the legs. Additionally, you can start the business in several ways. You can start the business at home or on a mobile basis or from a retail store. Every business model has the potential of earning profit and expansion.

Image Consulting

Image Consulting is a service that you offer to people to help clients to improve their appearance for personal or professional reasons. it is the process of creating a positive visual Image. this is an education-based business therefore it demands adequate skill, knowledge, and a passion for helping others.

Manicure & Pedicure parlor
The business is easy to start and operate. Additionally, the business demands very small capital investment too. You can offer the service from a retail store or a mobile basis.

Shampoo Manufacturing
Many people nowadays are using shampoo on daily basis as a personal care product. Ensure that the shampoo comes with different specifications for men, women, and kids. Due to the demand for herbal shampoo try to add herbal intends like avocado, neem, and aloe vera. Manufacturing is possible on a small-scale basis.

Beauty Salon

Beauty salon is one of the most booming businesses in the industry nowadays. The services include haircut, hair styling, spa, facial, pedicure manicure, party makeup, bridal makeup, and much more.

Nail parlor
Many people, particularly women, consider manicures and pedicures to be an “affordable luxury.” In addition, you can start a nailcare business relatively inexpensively. You can also consider offering mobile services to clients.

Skin Clinic
a skin clinic business can require you to go to school and learn all about skin or you can employ a dermatologist. In your skincare clinic, you can offer various skin care services with clinical analysis and treatments. The services include a pigmentation reduction system, anti-aging treatment, acne clearing treatment, tan removal, etc. However, you can offer other value-added services like hair treatment, bridal makeup, etc.

Tattoo & Piercing Parlour
Tattoos and piercings have gained popularity and acceptance in this modern society so by investing in this line you can make a kill. tattoo and piercing parlor is a very niche focusing beauty retail business. In addition, you can offer another value-added service like eyebrow tattooing. You can also sell piercing jewelry from your parlor.


Most consumers now prefer buying things they need over the internet rather than going out of their homes to local stores. Since cosmetics are among the items most commonly purchased online, starting an e-commerce store that sells cosmetics is a smart idea. You don’t even have to handle the shipping; you can accept the order, take your cut, and then forward the order to a retail store, which handles the delivery of the product. This model is known as drop shipping.

Affiliate marketing
If you have a huge online audience in the form of blog visitors or newsletter subscribers, you can make money by promoting cosmetics products to them as an affiliate. Each time, someone purchases a product through your affiliate link, you get a commission from the actual seller of the product.

Yoga classes
Yoga classes are considered a profitable and lucrative retail venture opportunity in the health and wellness industry. Furthermore, this business demands a moderate capital investment to start. all you need to is to know well the moves and start up your business

Anti-Aging Clinic
Most women seek this treatment to ensure that their skins look young. The anti-aging clinics offer various treatments and advice to maintain good skin even the older age. The demand for this type of service is very high in metro cities. Additionally, you will need to provide the right advice to your clients. The business demands moderate startup capital investment.

Foot Massage Service
You can decide to do mobile foot massage services where you will offer the massage service at your client’s doorstep at his or her convenient time. You can start the business with almost zero capital investment. However, the business demands adequate skill and a passion for making other people well through massage.

Tattoo beauty station
The interest and fondness for different types of body arts are increasing among people of every age group. Therefore, the tattoo industry is increasing very fast these days. The business is quite easy to start. And it demands a very small capital investment. However, you must select a good location for this business with other equipment.

Wigs Retailing
starting a wigs retailing business is just a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the fashion and beauty industry. this is due to the efficiency of the wigs to working-class women who prefer to wear a wig than go to the salon and spend so many hours so as there can be done



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