Gel nails can be used to create artificial nail extensions, but can also be used like nail polish. They are hardened using ultraviolet light. it lasts longer than regular nail polish and does not chip. They have a high-gloss finish and last for two to three weeks. Gel nails are strong, although not as strong as acrylic or fiberglass nails, and tend to be more expensive. gel nail polish is removed at a salon by buffing

Benefits of applying gel nail polish

  • The most advantageous factor of UV Gel nail polishes is that it lasts for much longer durations of three to four weeks than other acrylic nail polishes which get vanished and begin looking ugly within a single week only.
  • UV gel polishes provide a superb fantastic appearance with no dents or scratches. They look more natural than other acrylics and catchy to the eyes of onlookers.
  • It is very easy to apply UV gel polish.
  • It is very easy to remove as well. Soak for five minutes into any acrylic remover and rip it down. The whole layer of polish will get removed immediately without any extra effort of grinding or filing.

How to maintain gel nail polish

  1. Choose a comfortable nail length
    If you are getting your gel nails done make sure it’s a length that you can maintain. Even though gels are strong and less prone to damage or chipping, the longer your nail the more it may be prone to get damaged, plus a comfortable nail length allows you to do more activities without worrying about your nails.
  2. Choose a light color
    Using a light color means that your color will look fresher longer as they are less likely to show any imperfections, plus when your nails start growing out it will be less obvious to see the growth.
  3. Use Gloves
    Buy a pair of gloves. If you are one to clean often, get yourself a pair of gloves to protect your nails. This will keep your nails shiny and avoid drying the nail bed.
  4. Moisturize
    Keep your hand and nails moisturized. With polished nails, you need to make sure your natural nails are kept moisturized as the gels can extract moisture. This will make them less brittle and healthy.

With the above information, any lady may desire to wear gel nail polish. One should visit a professional manicurist to get the best services. Also, choose the best shade and choose gel polish from a reputable beauty company.



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