Every woman desires to have an attractive hairstyle. These hairstyles may disappoint especially if you are not careful to wear a style that fits you properly. to see a woman from that dilemma let’s see the factors one should consider to come with a sexy and beautiful hairstyle and thus get value for her money.

First, consider the face shape;

  • Round – Short hair isn’t the best option for this shape, especially if you wear it curly or wavy, as this causes your face to appear rounder. Opt for a style that’s at least midway between your chin and shoulders.
  • Square – Strong jawlines are a problem with square faces. Use texture, such as curls or choppy ends, to soften this area.
  • Heart-shaped – Pointy chins indicate a heart-shaped face, and no one likes a Wicked Witch chin. To downplay this feature, use a hairstyle that draws attention to your eyes and cheekbones.
  • Long – Long hair drags a face down, making it appear thinner. Avoid styles that fall below your shoulders, unless the cut includes layers at your cheekbones and chin. Incorporate waves to add width.
  • Oval – Although this is the “ideal” face shape and works well with most cuts, it can appear long at times. Stay away from styles that add too much height
  1. Duration you want the hairstyle to last.
    are you seeking a new style for a specific event, such as a graduation or prom, or will this change be more of a permanent toe that you wish to keep for at least a couple of months?

2. Occasion
Your hairstyle is among the first things that people will notice every time that they meet you. It is thus important to send the right message to those you come into contact with. Some occasions will demand an official look, and you should thus formally style your hair.

3. Hair size
Some people like to keep their hair short while others do best with long ones. Some hairstyles fit only those with short hair while others are for those with long hair. Do your research on some of the best hairstyles that suit the length of your hair. There might not be many for those with short hair. Those with long hair have hundreds of options to explore which makes most females explore that route.

4. The texture of your hair

Do you have soft, medium, or hard hair? Hair with a medium texture is the easiest to style because the hair holds itself together. Soft hair will also be easy but keeping it styled for long is next to impossible. Thick will take time to style and may even call for special tools.

5. Age-
your age should certainly be a factor in your new style and almost dictate what the appropriate style should be.

6. Time-
not only do you have enough time for the initial appointment but your lifestyle provides you with enough time to style and maintain your hairstyle on an ongoing, regular, and daily basis.

7. Budget-
again not just at the initial appointment but also on an ongoing basis are you capable of affording any specialized products that may be required to maintain your new hair



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