You are always beautiful; with or without makeup. However, your personality has to be beautiful too. You don’t always need a guide to a basic makeup routine. You don’t always have to be covered in tonnes of makeup. We appreciate your original beauty. But you can sometimes doll up to look a little different. Wearing makeup showcase a sense of self-care, which makes you stand out from the crowd. Best of all, the reason to wear makeup is that It gives you the extra bit of control over your skin that you deserve. Though there are many Positive effects of makeup and benefits of wearing makeup, You should also see how well makeup works on your skin. Makeup helps you to protect your skin and keep it safe from pollution, smog, etc that harm your skin. Makeup creates a slight barrier around your skin to keep it from being directly exposed to dust. Below are steps to follow when applying makeup to your face.

  • Wash Your Face

The first important thing before applying makeup is to wash your face. Use a face wash or a soap to clean your face of any dust or oil. Dry it. Never rub your face. Gently tap a towel on your face. You are ready to proceed.

  • Apply face Primer

Face primer also primes the face making makeup last longer and [look] smoother. This includes base and foundation, for your makeup to last longer and stick to your skin you need a coat of primer. Apply a primer and mix it well. Get a foundation that should be a little lighter than your original complexion. The Foundation is important because our skin is not of a uniform tone.
You can use a liquid or a powder foundation depending on your skin type. If you have dry skin go for a liquid foundation. Apply it over your forehead, temple, and around the lips, on lips, cheekbones, and blend. Always blend in one direction. You can blend in an outward direction from the inner cheek to the outer.

  • Apply a Concealer

Even after applying the foundation, some blemishes and scar marks are visible. Apply a little concealer on these acne marks and blend them properly. Concealer is applied under your eyes, around your lip lines, and on the edge of the forehead. It should be blended properly.

  • Shaping Eyebrows

Eyebrows are a tricky part. Indeed, most of us are not blessed with those perfectly arched brows. We will try to work with whatever we have. Shape your eyebrows. Using an angled brush and brown eyebrow powder; lightly mark the outline of your eyebrows. Make sure that this outline follows the original shape of your brows. You can give your eyebrows a little lift by making a slight arch using the same pencil. Now use a black eyebrow filler to fill the eyebrows. Take a liquid concealer and apply it along the outline of your eyebrows, blend it well. Your eyebrows are ready.

  • Contour

Use a contour stick to mark your cheekbones and jawline. Use a brush to blend it well. The direction of blending should be the same as before. Contour is important because it gives some definition to your cheekbones. It will make your face look more symmetrical. Use a contour stick that is a shade darker than your skin.

  • Eye make up

how to do makeup for the eyes, You can apply some liner. Most of us are afraid of the liquid liner; you can use a pencil liner. You can use different colors of liners, depending on your mood. Make a thin line using the liner. It is not easy to balance, but with practice, you will make it. there are different types of liner makeup like fox eyes, winged eyes, double liner, etc.
Now for your lashes, you need a lash curler. Press it between your lashes and apply a coat of mascara. It should be applied in a rolling motion.

  • Lipstick

You need to cover your lips with foundation if your lips are pigmented. Then apply a lipstick of your choice. Use a liner to give an outline to your lips. The color of the liner and lipstick should be near the same shade. Always fill your lips. Lipsticks are important for bold or simple makeup looks.

  • Compact and Blush

Once you are done, apply some face powder on your face. Take a dab of blush and gently apply it on your cheeks. This will give your cheeks a rosy pink appearance.

  • Makeup Spray

Once everything is done spray a makeup setter on your face, let it dry and you are ready to go. These are the fundamental makeup routines that are not hard to follow. It will give you the required glow and appearance. But there are other things that you should ponder upon as well.

With the above steps, one can enhance their beauty, but you should ensure the product you are using does not have any effect on your skin. The most important thing is to read the labels of the cosmetics before purchasing. Most women just buy a brand without knowing the ingredients, ensure your checkout for the toxic ingredient that can be present in the makeup you want to purchase



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