Dreadlocks are a natural way to rock your natural hair as they have a variety of styles and hair-do that do not require combing or brushing every morning. They are very cheap to maintain and after they have grown one does not necessarily need to go to a salon but can do it by herself. Regular maintenance of locs makes them lock and become firm as they grow. Healthy-looking locs make one attractive and in a way it signifies simplicity

  • Washing your locs

Locs need to be washed as they are prone to build-ups and dirt. This leaves a scalp that is relieved and healthy. Do not overwash your locs as it might lead to breakage or an itchy scalp. Use of shampoo is recommended whereby you leave it on your scalp for a few minutes as your massage your locs softly as they remove all oils and dirt from your hair. Some believe that dirty locs grow faster to clean locs, but keeping your hair healthy and clean is important for good after result

  • Retwist your locs

Locs naturally untwist and the base of the locs loosens up due to growing hair. Retwisting your hair using molding gel after they start to loosen helps the hair to lock and also tucks in the stray hairs. This leads to healthy, neat, and presentable locs. One can retwist about once a month whereby you can get your hairstylist to style them for you, but if you like letting it all down is good too. It has a variety of styles, you can go for a while before doing the same style again. For a starter or short locs, one can put an extension on them be it synthetic or additional locs to make them look longer. Make sure that the locs are not so tight for a comfortable look and to prevent breakage of vulnerable locs.

  • Moisturizing your locs

Locs get dry at times due to lack of moisture. One can use a variety of moisturizing sprays on their hair before styling the up. This makes the locs look nourished and shiny too. They give the hair a good look without untwisting them or making them look dirty.

  • Letting your locs relax

Retwisting your locs is perfectly fine for good results, but regular waxing of your hair leads to thinning of the locs that may eventually break. Giving your locs space to breathe or rather unkempt for a short while leads the hair to have some growth that by the time it’s getting retwisted, has a firm base and cannot break.

  • Braiding them.

Ladies with short locs sometimes feel uncomfortable and prefer to braid them as they grow. This makes the locs fringe itself and make knots depriving the loc of a straight smooth look. But if you must, one can go for some conservative styles like crotchet that do not tamper with your loc. An extension is another way of making your locs look great without necessarily having to stress them.

  • Dry your locs completely after shampooing.

One can leave them loose until they have completely dried or use a blow-dry or drier then style your locs as you desire
You can create a maintenance routine that you look up to to make sure your locs are how you want them to be. You can oil your scalp once in a while, retwist them, or shampoo them, for a glowing look. Do not overdo oil products as they might tamper with your locs or create a dirt buildup always use wax products that are compatible with your skin. Always sleep with a headscarf. Be easy on your locs. Go natural and rock the world gal with dreadlocks.



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