Ladies once in a while you get stuck when selecting what type and kind of jeans to purchase, especially when you find you have a variety to select from. Before anything else, it’s important to figure out how far up you want your jeans to sit on your waist. Because believe it or not, it can make or break your look. It’s important to understand what will enhance (or detract from) your shape therefore before making any choice first. Take a good look at a full-size mirror and judge your body shape. This will be a huge step toward finding the perfect pair of jeans. Jeans are made out of denim and denim is a very stretchy fabric.

 The color (wash) of the skinny jeans is the first thing that people notice, especially from afar. This means the wash also makes a big impact on your skinnies as it helps set the tone of your look, whether you’re aiming for a laid-back. light-washed denim is perfect for casual wear, whereas darker jeans are a lot dressier, making them ideal for work or another smart-casual occasion.

Take time to Try on the jeans before buying this saves time because you do not have to run back for returns! If you are store shopping I suggest that you take your time to test and try each size of the denim. This makes you come up with the desired type pair of jeans and have a which is sexy! Bustle says that if your skinnies have wrinkles facing outwards (especially at the knee area), it’s one way to tell if a pair of skinny jeans are too loose for you. But if the wrinkles are facing inward, take it as a sign that you need to get a bigger size.

Always go for quality instead of low prices, because quality jeans will give you a good look and it will last longer therefore as a woman always remember cheap is expensive you may think you are saving money today but then you purchase a pair of jeans that fades color easily.

Be fashion conscious select the pair of jeans that is trendy, always know the latest designs of jeans in the market, and always remember not everything that is trendy that will look good no you so choose the jeans that look good on YOU, not those you see in magazines

If still unsure of what to buy you can go with a friend who is fashion conscious or ask the boutique owner for some tips or consult an online fashion stylist this way you will enjoy and get what you really want

In conclusion, if you have a curvy body the best jean should have a straight leg, non-stretchy denim, and darker washes. Best jeans if you are petite go for skinny or straight-leg jeans, faded washes, high rise, and cropped styles. for tall ladies select mid-rise jeans with longer leg lengths



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