1. Increases profitability

When your service is good, and the word of mouth and references are good, you will acquire new customers at a fraction of the cost you were supposed to. A normal business spends a lot on advertising and promotions. But with good customer service, all that is being done by your existing customers. This ensures fantastic profitability as you are getting maximum returns on the investment already done.

2. Great customer service results in a reduction of overall problems.

By treating your customers like gold, you are sure to reduce the overall problems associated with your business, sales, and the potential for any legal issues that might arise. Treat your customers poorly, and you can almost be certain that you’ll run into problems at one point or another. And those problems can oftentimes lead to the ominous and untimely demise of your business.

3. Excellent customer service improves public persona and strengthens your brand.

If you’re interested in public perception, your reputation, or the strength of your brand, you absolutely have to insure a high quality of customer service. Not only does this result in positive reviews, but it helps to solidify you in the minds of anyone searching for your type of products, services, or information.

4. You’re more likely to retain your customers.

When you offer a great customer service experience, your customers are far more likely to stick around and use your business any chance the moment arises. Even when it comes to ancillary services, consumers are more willing to work with a business that they’ve had a great experience with before than to find someone new.

5. Gives you and your employees confidence.

When a customer praises your business, it also boosts your employee morale. Naturally, over a period of time, your confidence rises in your business and you now know that giving good customer service is the key to building confidence in your employees, who will be empowered enough to keep their customers happy. Ultimately, your own internal customers are also happy

5. Word-of-mouth advertising is the best kind of advertising that money can’t buy.

You absolutely cannot buy word-of-mouth advertising — the kind that can have a monumental effect on a business. It’s priceless. People are considerably more likely to listen to the advice of a friend than they are to heed guidance from some online review or advertisement. Whether you’re trying to make money online or offline, great customer service will create an army of raving fans that will champion your business for you.

6. It improves employee turnover in your business.

Employees pay careful attention to how a company treats its customers. That resonates powerfully with people. When they see an employer treating their customers like gold, it delivers a sense of endowment, making them proud to be part of the team and making them more willing to stick around. When employees, on the other hand, are taught to undercut and discount customers for whatever reason, it does quite the opposite.

7.  Great customer service opens doors for new partnerships and other opportunities.

Treating your customers like gold is infectious. It opens the doors for new partnerships, especially when other businesses see just how well you take care of your existing customers. It says a lot about a company and what they value when they care deeply about their customers. It’s something that you rarely find in business these days, but it most certainly paves the way for powerful partnerships, collaborations, and other opportunities.



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