Signs you have overdone your make up

Makeup and cosmetics are great ways to express yourself and highlight your individuality. It is not uncommon to encounter a cute makeup selfie on social media, where people love flaunting their makeup looks. As a famous quote says “Treat your makeup like jewelry for the face”. Play with colors, shapes, and structure – it can transform you but some ladies go overboard and exaggerate their make and end up looking like a clown. Below are some of the signs that you have overdone your makeup;

  • Your pillow is always dirty. When makeup is worn correctly, at the end of the day, even though you probably forgot to wash it off, there should be little to no signs of dirt on the pillowcase. However, if your pillowcase is always dirty even after washing off then that’s a sign that you wear too much makeup. Once you realize that your pillowcase is dirty you should check on how you apply your makeup.
  • You can barely move your face. After doing your makeup and realizing that you can’t move your face freely. That tells you have overdone the makeup and redo it before stepping out the house for your own comfort
  •  You have lipstick smeared across your face. This is another blunder most ladies commit. You should always make use of a mirror to ensure you don’t have lipstick on your face
  • You have very obvious contour lines.No one should be able to see your contouring. this is an extreme example but I’ve seen ladies walk out of their houses with their contour lines on full display. It spoils a good look that one is working hard to portray
  •  Your face and neck are two different colors. There is a key way that you should ensure that once you are done with your makeup the neck and the face should look the same. But if you produce two different colors then there is a miss and you should correct your makeup. sweetie, if your foundation doesn’t blend into your neck, it’s time to go shopping for the right shade.  
  •  You have to spend more than 15 minutes removing your makeup. Removing makeup should take very minimum time
  • Your friends (or even worse, your family) can’t remember ever seeing you without makeup. This is a sign you are not comfortable on your skin that shows you aren’t giving your skin time to breathe without makeup.
  • Your eyebrows extend way past their natural shape. When you look at the mirror and you discover that when drawing the eyebrows overdid the line. Redraw before you fail to achieve the look you intended to do
  • Your cell phone screen looks murky. Your makeup messes up your phone Finding makeup smears on your phone and clothes means you didn’t set your makeup well.
  • If people tell you that you “look different” or are tired on the days you don’t wear makeup, that’s a concern. This is a red flag to tell you that you should revamp your makeup kit and choose the right products that will favor your face and if possible you can consult a beauty technician to know what you should do or avoid. However, you should remember that haters still exist so you should try to analyze if the comment is out of hate or care
  •  A”caky” face after applying makeup. At times your face appears to have layers of makeup on and drip off when you sweat or when I rains. When you remove make-up it’s like peeling off a mask. The goal is to enhance your beauty using makeup and hence avoid too much makeup
  •  Stains all over your clothes, especially when you have makeup on. Makeup stains but if you’ve been overdoing it on the bronzer or foundation then it will be evident on your clothes. always rem
  • You wear make-up even when you don’t need to Maybe you’re addicted to having make-up on but wearing make-up to the gym or when swimming is not necessary but to each their own.
  • · If your face unlock on your cellphone doesn’t recognize you after putting on make-up this can be a wake-up call that the makeup you have applied is too much and does not enhance your look any more.
  •  Your eyelashes look spidery. ensure you follow the right procedure to fix the eyelashes and if you can’t do it by yourself ask for help from an expert.
  • Your face powder looks like cake frosting. Select the best face powder product and avoid the counterfeit product remember cheap is expensive

Always ensure before you step out of the house to utilize the mirror to check if you are good to go. Studies say that people find women with makeup more attractive, trustworthy, and competent. Makeup, no doubt, gives a certain boost to confidence



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