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 E-shopping is searching for and purchasing goods and services over the Internet through the use of a web browser. Online shopping has a better future for both buyers and retailers using the innovative latest technology. The use of the internet in shopping has become necessary, especially during the epidemic we are facing right now. The health of others and ourselves is the primary reason why people shop online. Let’s have a discussion about why people opt for online shopping

  • No Sales Pressure in Online Shopping

When you visit physical stores, the shop attendants try to lure you into buying more items. In physical shopping, you do a lot of impulse buying Sometimes we go inside the store to buy one thing but return home with additional three or four items, which we later realize are of no use. If the product is not available in your favorite color, then the shop attendant may also convince you for a different color to increase store sales. The purpose of online shopping is to remove this pressure from the customer and make shopping easy. Sometimes when you enter a store, you don’t want to leave it without buying anything. It happens to most of us due to different psychological reasons. These activities and behaviors feel like a pressure to buy unwanted items, and shoppers must not feel so while visiting or leaving a shop.

  • More convenient and comfortable

It’s much more easier to sit at home, find what you like, and have it delivered to your front door. You don’t have to worry about finding a parking space, or wasting fuel. You can just sit at home and do all your shopping from any store.

  • Discreet Shipping

When you want to purchase items like undergarments and lingerie, sometimes you look for privacy to protect your choice from the public. Online shopping saves you from embarrassment while you do such kind of shopping. It also provides a lot of variety and options that you can seek without asking or indulging in another person’s opinion. Not only that but product packaging also is done in a manner that the delivery person won’t be able to identify what is kept inside it. This way, online retailers always try to protect your privacy and send you an item in discreet packaging. Isn’t it a good reason why online shopping is better?

  • Best deals

Online shopping gives a variety of merchants and you can select the cheaper deals and even discount codes that you can apply. Online stores even have their own “sales” or “clearance” sections to shop from. Thus it is a good idea to shop online when you are on a tight budget

  • Get to read Reviews before you buy a product

Online shopping gives you many benefits for reviewing the best products. You’re able to compare different products and find the right prices. If you don’t know if you should buy that face cream, read the reviews to see if other people liked it or not. When you buy things at physical stores, you don’t get reviews. When a customer visits an online shopping platform, he gets clear information about the product he wants to purchase. The user will also know whether the product is environment-friendly or not. The customers can view genuine reviews and original photos of that product. The ratings and online services also affect the decision to buy products and explain why people buy from online stores

  • Variety of  Rare Products Online

Online shopping allows the user to find a variety of products in one place. Apart from this, shoppers can also find items online that are not readily available at their local market or even in their countries and get them delivered to their doorsteps. It is best, especially for someone who doesn’t have much time to locate or visit a store physically. The importance of online shopping has increased nowadays because of the Covid 19 crisis where we must avoid touching anything outside and maintain distance from others

  • Unlimited time

Why online shopping is better. You can shop even when the store you need to shop at is closed and even if you don’t have transportation. You can fit it into your schedule easily.

  • Huge Selection and Variety of Products

Physical stores have limited stock. They only keep those things which are common and most selling. There are many different reasons which affect the availability of other products. The local retailer also tries to sell its limited stock. While online shopping showcase variety from their stock and various stores. People enjoy online because you can browse and select products as per their choice and the latest trend. You can even buy used products online. Another reason why online shopping is trending is that you will easily find various products on a single platform.

  • Quick and Easy Product Replacement and Refund

Product replacement and refund are simple without additional cost and time. Sometimes you need to change a product that doesn’t fulfill your expectation in terms of size or quality of the material. Online shopping products come with a replacement warranty for a limited time. If you find the product has defects and malfunctions during this period, you can replace it as per the product replacement policy. It saves customers time as the retailer won’t ask so many questions before returning the product. They also send a person to take the package from your doorstep.

  • No Crowding and long Queue

Most of us hate the crowd and point-of-sale queues. It is common during festivals and special occasions. In this situation in a local market, you won’t be able to stand in your favorite store due to limited space and less attention towards you. Parking of vehicles may become another issue during peak hours. After looking at the present scenario, it is best to avoid the crowd and shop online than to go to stores amid covid 19 outbreak.

In a nutshell, I would opt for online shopping anytime I am at work held for its convenience but also they are demerits of online shopping that we are going to discuss next, till then let’s keep safe, especially during the festive seasons. Lots of love this season.



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